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Our culture has become quite unchild-friendly in many ways. I believe it is important for our children to be involved in all areas of life. How else will they know how to be in the world?

Over the holidays, my children were presented with many opportunities to be the only children in the room full of adults and adult conversations.

It was probably not their first choice at times, but they were sitting in on many different conversations with people of all ages and backgrounds and presented with the opportunity to meet new people and interact in their own ways.

I sat back, observing them and realized what a gift it was for them to be interacting with many so many different people, having the opportunity to experience all kinds of social interactions and find their own place within each new experience.

I watched as they became comfortable with strangers, found ways to interact and share their interests and felt comfortable sharing things with everyone between twenty and ninety.

Our culture often excludes children from life and social situations. Children are sent off to school, they are told to play in other rooms, in some groups, children are excluded from life milestones like weddings and funerals. How will they know what life is about unless they are part of it and find their way in it?

There is certainly a balance of these things. While, I see the gift in them being included in the group of adults, there are also times when they are happiest going to another room to play their games or with other children. As infinite learners, I feel we have a lot of opportunity to balance these things for their benefit.

As other children are now back in school, I find that I’m once again happy with our choice to live the life of infinite learning where my children have the opportunity to experience a vast array of day-to-day life experiences, observe culture goings-on and striking the balance as we continue forward.