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This morning, I was in a conversation where there was an assumption that my ‘job’ as a homeschooling mom must be increasingly challenging with all the ‘research’ I must need to be doing in order to ‘keep up’ and teach my children. She was unaware that we are unschoolers and as it was explained that we learn more ‘loosely’, her comment was that if it were her, SHE would need to do things more ‘by the book.’

I realized that being an infinite learning family requires trust, and at times, radical trust.

As infinite learning parents we have to trust that our children will learn. We trust that they will learn what they need to know, in their own way and in their own time. And we have to trust in our ability to know our children and follow their lead, encouraging at the right times and backing off when necessary too.

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s not always easy. My boys are learning to read later than many kids and over the years, I’ve had to trust that they would indeed learn when they were ready. And as the years move forward, there have been times when I’ve questionned if I was doing enough or not.

I’ve danced this line again recently, wondering if more ‘formal’ methods are necessary, but I was reminded again yesterday, that learning really just happens. As we made our way around town running errands, my son spelled every word he saw and in addition to that he proclaimed that words like ‘gem’ and ‘gym’ should have, in fact, been spelled with a J. He’s learning and it’s happening because they are curious and interested and I don’t need to push because learning is one of those things that really does happen organically.

In my heart, I know these things. I believe we can’t help but learn because we all have an inner desire to know things and grow. Sometimes it’s important to take a moment and re-evaluate what we’re doing and look at the results to remember why we choose this path. Sometimes it’s good for me to remember to trust.