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Travelling is such an excellent way to learn. I remember trips as a child where I’d learn geography, social studies, math and other things without even noticing. It was always the most fun because the things I learned were disguised in fun and adventure.

As an adult and teacher, I see that travelling is the perfect example of Infinite Learning and why it is such an effective way to learn.

Learning and travelling go hand in hand. Going to new places, seeing new things, having new experiences makes it impossible to walk away without gleaning something new.

Travel has all the elements necessary for learning. It’s fun, relevant and it’s interesting.

We recently returned from a trip and I was delighted today to hear my children recount all sorts of trivia and details. Some of the information were things we talked about more than once and reviewed over the course of our trip, others were things mentioned casually once or twice, but obviously had an impact.

Most of us grew up with the experience of learning in a classroom…learning in a structured, specific and linear way. But, when we are out in the world, experiencing and living and learning just sort of happens.

I am reminded of the importance of expanding our vision of education and remembering the importance of components like fun, relevance and motivation. And most of all, I was delighted to see my children expand their knowledge while having fun and being out in the world having new experiences.