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What if…we didn’t have clocks and calendars?

I’ve noticed this year, the seasons seem to have all arrived about a month later than usual. I ended up celebrating my birthday a month later and I feel like I’m a month behind and could use another month before the holidays. I have wondered if there is a shift in nature and we are pushing against it because of our adherence to the calendar and it got me thinking…what if there were no clocks and calendars?

Would we notice the seasons were a month later…or would we just be in the moment with whatever weather was occurring? Without the continual reminders of shopping days left before Christmas, would we be more relaxed and make or buy things when we feel inspired?

As infinite learners, we live a lot less by the clock and calendar than most people. We are blessed that we can sleep until we are ready to wake naturally, eat our lunch at 2:30 or whenever we feel hungry, do whatever we choose (most of the time) and be flexible with our lives. But I started to wonder what life might be like if we did it even more.

We would definitely be more present without these things. We would definitely flow more with the rhythms of nature and perhaps it would be easier than what we do to ourselves now. And yet, I can hear every person who loves to organize, gasp at the thought of not having these things to coordinate people and activities.

I’m guessing that we would have to become more community-minded for this to really be effective and it would require a more radical shift in our culture, but nonetheless, it is an interesting thought to ponder.

I admit I’m not quite ready to throw out my calendar, but I think I will experiment with the idea of being more present and see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted about how it goes.