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I love the holidays. I love decorating, I love hanging out with friends, I love visiting with family. I love giving gifts, eating decadent foods and sharing in the joy of the season.

I love how this time of year is so easy to engage the kids in activities. They are as eager as I am to try their hand at crafts, make special ornaments, decorations, and create magical gifts for others. It is a delight to visit craft stores, dig through our craft boxes and create all sorts of delightful things for the holiday season.

It just feels like fun…for me and for them.

It is also a time when we talk a lot about community, sharing, giving and doing things for others. A time to focus on connectedness.

There are an abundance of holidays at this time of year and I’ve enjoyed the conversations of different beliefs, traditions and religions. It is nice to present things to the kids in a way that allows them to explore what interests them and choose what fits with their beliefs. (And, not surprisingly they think the idea of giving and receiving gifts is especially fun).

I love the holidays and hope you enjoy yours too.