The past week I committed to spend one-on-one time everyday with both of my children.  We are a tight knit family and work really well as a unit.  Balancing infinite homeschooling, career, family and education; it’s been easy to fall into the pattern of doing everything as a group; afterall doing things together saves both time and energy.  Our one-on-one time had became sporadic at best and as I reflected on our family and routine, I realized this might be an important addition to our days and decided to make a conscious effort to make it happen.

The benefit of working together as a family is the cohesiveness, the teamwork and the fun of doing things together.  But, sometimes individuals can get lost in the group.  There are moments when each of our strengths are accentuated, but there are also times when our individual weaknesses go unnoticed simply because of the group dynamics.  Sometimes we become entrenched in our ‘group role’ and each person may not be reaching their full potential.  As with most things, there needs to be a balance of the two.

This week, I have been reminded of each person’s strengths and weaknesses.   One-on-one time has helped show me areas that could use a little focus and ways to boost confidence through each child’s strenths.  I have gently encouraged and highlighted each individual’s gifts.  I  am learning just how valuable this personal time is for us as individuals, in our relationships with one another and for our family as a group too.

I am so grateful for the ability to create this space in our day because I am finding such important and deeply rewarding results for all of us.  This is just another wonderful gift and opportunity that infinite learning has given provided for my family.