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I realized how our schedule is so different than those in school.

This month, we went shopping for new school supplies! While schools are winding down for the year, we are stocking up on new supplies!

As the kids in school are finishing up, paying less attention, dreaming more of playing outdoors…we are doing more learning now than other times of the year.

The weather is beautiful so we are outside more, noticing more things in nature, being out in the world. It is easier to travel to places (not too hot, not to cold) and finding ourselves in museums and other attractions on a regular basis.

It’s blissful, these last few days of June, when kids are in school, summer vacation has not officially begun and we can enjoy all the attractions we love, with the minimal amount of crowds.

I notice some of my friends are busy scurrying around doing last minute field trips, end of the season picnics, buying gifts for teachers and feeling stressed out with busy schedules, kids who are feeling ‘done’ with school and ready for summer, but having to put in those last few days.

Yes, this is my favorite time of the year and I’m grateful once again to be an infinite learning family.


Yesterday was one of those days that felt like the best thing in the world is to be an infinite learner.

We got things done in the morning at home then decided we would drive to a neighbouring city to visit one of our favourite museums. A quick check to see it was open until 9:00 p.m. gave us the space to take our time and enjoy the journey.

We made a few fun stops along the way, admired nature as we drove, sang songs, laughed and talked. When we got to the city, we decided to stop in at a few of our favourite shops and check things out. We ended up buying a few new books for each and had fun looking at all different kinds of things.

From there, we made our way through town and decided to head to the museum. Along the way, we spotted a new attraction. A hands-on place for the kids to learn some interesting new things while they are having a whole lot of fun. We stopped in and feeling our abundance of time and resources, we were able to take in the full benefit of this new attraction.

It had just opened a week or two ago, so we ended up being the only ones there. The kids got to be one of the first to check out this exciting new place, have a lot of interaction with the guides, extra time at each station and generally just enjoy the entire experience in our own way and at our own pace.

I smiled and felt so grateful that we could be there, on a Tuesday afternoon and get a really unique and wonderful experience of the place to savour for ourselves.

We did finally make it to the museum. It’s interesting how we have been there countless times and I inevitably learn something new each time. We were one of a few people there as well and we just enjoyed looking at the familiar, learning new things and enjoying it at our own pace too.

An evening drive home was fun, we were all exhausted but happy and acknowledged it was a fabulous day. Again, I am feeling so grateful for opportunities and experiences like this that I can share with my children and enjoy so fully.